Winston Tastes Good, Like a Carcinogen Should

What’s So Lucky about Lucky Strike?

The Marlboro Man Died of Lung Cancer

Turn Your Nice Round Lung Cells into English Ovals

Just a Lump between Cheek and Gum

That’s Not a Camel, It’s a Horse with a Growth in It’s Chest

Cough for Phillip Morris

You've coughed a long time, Baby.

Smoking doesn't only hurt you.

“If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.”

“Too much smoke will leave you broke”


An elephant sittting in a wheelchair with an oxygen lead under his nose, saying

"I forgot that cigarettes cause cancer." trash the ash

if you smoke you will choke

"its not a joke ,

if you smoke,
you will definitely

"Be smart don't start."

"There are cooler ways to die."

"Don't light up, smoke Greensmoke"

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